Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday :)

 Today, the principal of the high school I interviewed at last week called and offered me the long-term sub position!!! I, of course, accepted :) It is a full-time English/Language Arts Special Ed position. I am not endorsed in Special Education, but I am endorsed in English/Language Arts. I am so grateful and excited for this opportunity, but I am also a little nervous. A long-term sub position is quite different from day-to-day subbing, but I am confident I will be a great teacher, have fun, and learn as much as my students :) This will definitely affect my blog as well. Until I get my rhythm, my posts will be short and sweet. I am determined to continue purging 5 items a day and blogging about it, but I don't think my posts will be as lengthy. Ha! For some of you that may be a relief ;)

My husband and I went out to dinner tonight with a bunch of his co-workers. We drove separately since he left from work and I was at home. As I was driving home from the restaurant, I was thinking about tonight's purge. "Less is still not enough" was the epiphany that presented itself. As I thought about what that meant in the context of my Five a Day endeavor I realized two things. 1)This project is not conducive to a "deep" purge -- the kind of purging that requires digging, sorting, and making tough decisions. 2) Even though I am pretty much done purging in my room, it doesn't look any less cluttered :( This was quite the slap in the face which led to my next epiphany -- there will be two levels of purging going on from this point. 1)  The purging I do for the blog -- the five items that are readily available to make a decision about. 2) The purging that results from sorting through boxes and stacks of random papers that have resulted from a apathy and an inability to commit.

I was at a loss this evening as I realized I would not be purging from the bedroom. I will be back because I am dissatisfied with my room not looking any different after 22 days of purging.

I decided to tackle one of the bathroom cupboards! They are full of stuff, most of which I have no idea what it is. There will be no pictures or list tonight because I got rid of way more than five things and none of it was worth donating. Ok, maybe a very general list, so I have a written record of what I did :)

1) Another bottle of outdated prescription meds to go to the police station

2) Some outdated cough syrup

3) Too many empty boxes -- who doesn't throw away a box when they take the last item out of it??

4) Several of my daughter's empty make-up bottles and other cosmetic containers.

5) Several empty travel size lotion bottles.

I am happy to say the cupboard is positively spacious now, and I was able to move some things off the counter and into the cupboard :)

Ah progress, I love you so!

Thanks for reading my blog and supporting my project! See you tomorrow :)


  1. Congratulations on the new job!
    This entry brought several things to my mind & I just have to comment. 1)Your project may not be conducive to a "deep" purge, but I think it prepares one for it...little bits of progress do make us want more and inspire us to go after it 2)Of course your room doesn't look less cluttered, because your purging took place under the bed and in the drawers & other words, out of sight, but still creating space for what you really want there and 3)"Who doesn't throw away a box??"...that would be ME, ME, ME!!!...In other words, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep making those list..they keep me inspired. Maybe someday I'll get to the next level!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! How exciting! i hope you love it!

  3. Congratulations on the new job Penelope! I hope you are able to keep posting daily, yours is the one blog I check every day. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Congratulations on the new job! I taught high school English very briefly. Loved the kids! I have been holding on to a couple of books that helped me during my time in the classroom. I will ship them to you if you need a little boost now and then! I gave away most of the books already, but I have a few teaching guides for novels I taught. I've been waiting to find the right home for them. I know you are purging ... but so am I!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I would be very interested in the books! Would you share the titles before you send them? That way I can make sure I don't already own them :) I rarely purge my teaching books; they were too expensive, I think they are a valuable resource.