Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweet, Peaceful Sunday

What a glorious day!! I accomplished 11 of the 15 things on my to-do list with a minimal amount of stress :) And...many of you have emailed and commented to tell me of your own successes at decluttering, which warms my heart and keeps me purging.

I never dreamed my project and blog would inspire others. The original pupose of the blog was to keep me accountable to myself. I knew if my project were public (so to speak) I would be more likely to stick with it. Public failure is not an option for me, and I am sure I will be humbled for stating it :/

My purging is having an interesting effect that I did not expect...every time I go on the hunt for stuff to purge I get mad at myself. I am mad that I drug all this stuff home. I am mad that it has some kind of power over me :( I am mad that I can't see a noticeable difference in my home (well, except for the top of the bookcases where the CDs were).

There are times I want to box EVERYTHING up, rent a truck, and haul it away. Start fresh with a clutter free home and not buy a darn thing that isn't necessary!

One of my long-term goals is to get rid of many more books and have empty space in my bookshelves. This will be arduous task and a momentous accomplishment. See, I'm thinking positive, prediciting the accomplishment of this goal.

So onto today's craptastic me it's nothing special, lol!

1) A folder full of scholarly articles from one of my grad school classes

2) 5 super short, stubby colored pencils. Yes, I know stubby was redundant, but I wanted to make sure you could visualize just how short these pencils are ;)

3) A rubber band ball about the size of a grapefruit. It was my son's, I doubt he remembers I have it, and I am tired of looking at it!

4) a bunch of magazines I took from the free rack at the library, brought home and put on my coffee table, and haven't touched since then :(

5) Two huge sheets of art paper that had water damage.

I feel like an idiot after I re-read the list of items I am purging! Who keeps stuff like this? Really? I am sure I am a canidate for some sad reality TV show. Let's see...what would it be called? Something like, You Have What In Your House? or You Saved What...for How Many Years? 

Anyway, you know the rest of the spiel...If you see anything you want, which I doubt you will, email me at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

Remember...I probably won't post again until next weekend, most likely Sunday. Thursday is my birthday and my daughter purchased my husband and I a night at the beach :) We are leaving Friday after I am done with school and will be back Saturday afternoon :) I cannot wait!!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!! apology!

I am sorry for my lack of posts this past week and for not giving you advance notice of my temporary desertion.  Getting used to my new schedule, needing to spend a lot of my time prepping lessons for my students, and attending a mandatory training for Special Education teachers took every minute of time and every ounce of energy I possessed! I am grateful for the training and what I learned, but I am glad I will be getting home before 7:30 p.m. this next week! Another blessing is the four day weekend I am halfway through :)

I had some "firsts" this week as first formal observation by the assistant principal and my first faculty meeting (and formal introduction to the rest of the school's teachers). My school's administration is awesome! They have been so supportive of me and my transition into this teaching position. I couldn't ask for better support!

In order to minimize the likelihood of a mental breakdown as a result of trying to do everything...I am going to change my blogging process. I am still going to purge 5 things a day, but I am only going to post once or twice a week. This will most likely happen on the weekends, when I have more free time...or at least the illusion of more free time ;) I will not be posting pictures as often either. I will still list the items I've purged, and I will send them to readers who request them.

Another change I am going to "try" is selling some of the stuff I am purging instead of just giving it away. The only things I won't try to sell are the items I receive from the lady I clean for. I don't think profitting from her generosity would be the right thing to do.

Today's list is really long, but because it is mostly CDs, it's kind of important to list them out! With this blog post, I should be up-to-date on documenting my purges from Monday the 11th through Saturday the 16th.

1) Peter Frampton ~ Frampton Comes Alive II ( 2 CD set)
2) AC/DC ~ Black Ice
3) Vivaldi ~ The Four Seasons
4) Andrew Lloyd Weber's Evita
5) Joss Stone ~ Mind, Body, Soul
6) The Essential Simon & Garfunkel  ( 2 CD set)
7) Hinder ~ Extreme Behavior
8) Modest Mouse ~ Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks
9) Counting Crows ~ Films About Ghosts The Best Of...
10) Counting Crows ~ This Desert Life
11) Counting Crows ~ August and Everything After
12) Counting Crows ~ Hard Candy
13) Lit ~ A Place in the Sun
14) Mariah Carey ~ Daydream
15) Disturbed ~ Ten Thousand Fists
16) The White Stripes ~ Icky Thump
17) The White Stripes ~ Elephant
18) The White Stripes ~ Get Behind Me Satan
19) Kenny G ~ Breathless
20) Theory of A Deadman ~ Gasoline
21) Dropkick Murphys ~ The Warrior's Code
22) Weezer ~ Maladroit
23) Nature's Creations ~ Relaxing Waters
24) Ray Lynch ~ Deep Breakfast
25) Raining Jane ~ Wyoming Sky and Windows ( 2 songs only)

And that's it for CDs!!!!! but wait there's's purge consists of:

1) a set of 12 Classic Winnie the Pooh self-adhesive bookplates ( I'll give these to my BFF because she loves classic pooh)
2) a random placemat I found while I was cleaning a cupboard
3) a tealight holder -- very pretty, but I have no place for it
4) a burned copy of the Bhagavad Gita ( 700 verse Hindu Scripture)
5) a stack of "Foodday" sections from The Oregonian ( I love to save recipes and never do anything with them...)

Ok, that's 30 items or six days worth of purges. I may post tomorrow because I am just obsessive enough to want my "blog week" to start on Monday *sigh*

If you see something(s) you can't live without, email me at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

Thanks for your patience, support, and comments :) They warm my heart!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sunday Blues

Sunday is my very favorite day of the week because I love going to church. I love the spiritual renewal I am blessed with, and it gives me food for thought for the upcoming week. I am not going to start proselytizing or anything like that, but God, my faith, and my church are the foundation of my daily life.

So why is the title of today's post "Sunday Blues"? Because the weekend never seems long enough to accomplish everything I want/need to do; because I love being with my family and the weekend is the only time we have reasonably large blocks of free time together; because it means I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. for the next four days ;)  I promise I'm not whining! At least I hope that's not how it comes across. It's just that as I get older I value experiences and time well spent, which seem to happen on the weekends :)

Ok, on to tonight's musical offering ;)

1) Teenage Dream ~ Katy Perry

2) Ray of Light ~ Madonna

3) Crazy Love ~ Michael Buble

4) Wingspan: Hits and History ~ Paul McCartney and Wings ( 2 CD set)

5) Pure Moods

Remember...if you see something you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Trying To Do It All...

I get stressed when I can see all the things that need to be done, but there are so many of them I don't know where to start!

I am obsessively organized. I know exactly where I have to be and when I have to be there. I make lists. I have two planners. I have a routine for weeknights. Actually I have a routine for weekends too. For me a routine is a concrete way of being in control. I do not like feeling out of control. I have some ideas of where that comes from, but I'll leave it for another blog post on a different day. If my routine is upset, it derails me momentarily. I can recoup, but I will still feel "off" for the rest of that day, sometimes longer, depending on how serious the derailment.

I don't think I was always this way, but I couldn't tell you when I changed either. This blog is very important to me -- it signifies a commitment I made to myself and to an idea. Would letting the blog go lessen my daily load? Probably somewhat, but I would also feel like I let myself down. I would kick myself for not working harder to manage my time. There are so many little things that suck precious time from the day -- social media and TV are two that come to mind. I do not watch much TV. I love Jeopardy, and if I am not behind on getting stuff done, I will sit down and watch it. I am on Facebook, but since getting this job I rarely log on.

Sometimes giving something up shows you just how much of a leech it was -- Facebook is a prime example of this. I do not plan to give up the blog, but I do plan to adjust how I look for things to purge. I don't have huge blocks of time to spend looking through things, so I am switching to a grab and go strategy. Thinking less about the item will probably help me purge more things. Given time to think about a certain thing sometimes causes me to put it back and think, "Oh, I can't decide, I'm not sure, I'll put it back until I am sure..." This is not a productive mindset!

The CDs have really saved me this week, and they'll probably keep me going through the middle of next week. I am looking forward to moving onto something else and reclaiming the top of my bookcases!

What's very interesting to me, and eye-opening, is that I do not remember buying most of these CDs. Also, most of them are not on my laptop. So, that tells me I bought them and just stuck them on the top of the bookcase. Why? Who knows! Again, I am reminded to be thoughtful when making purchases, even if the item is secondhand. Do I need it? Where will I put it? Why do I want it? What's its purpose in my life and house?

Ok, onto the music :)

1) Something to Remember ~ Madonna

2) Bringing Down the Horse ~ The Wallflowers

3) Your Little Secret ~ Melissa Ethridge

4) 15 ~ Buckcherry (parental advisory/explicit content)

5) The Beatles Anthology 1 (2 CD set)

I am experiencing technical difficulties in getting pictures from my phone to my computer :( So no pics until I get my tech savvy hubby to fix it :) 

Remember...If you see something you can't live without, please email me at I will gladly ship at my expense.  Keep in mind with my new job that it may take a week or two :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Yay! I Get To Go To Bed Soon :)

A full week done feels pretty darn good :) To top it off, my hubby surprised me with dinner out at my favorite restaurant in Vancouver, Washington...Tommy O's Downtown Bistro. Yum. Yum. Yum.

I am so ready for bed! I am going to bust out a quick blog post with a list of tonight's CDs, but no picture until tomorrow, and go to bed.

1) Sugar Ray ~ 14:59

2) Missy Elliot ~ Under Construction

3) Melissa Ethridge ~ Yes I Am

4) Toad the Wet Sprocket ~ Dulcinea

5) Hoobastank ~ The Reason

Remember...If you see something you can't live without, shhoot me an email at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

Have a great weekend, and if you are in the middle of the awful storm back east...stay safe and warm! My prayers are with you :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have a lot of Music...

As I've been going through these CDs, I've been burning them onto my hard drive. I am a little surprised; I thought I already had most of these burned onto my computer already. It's been fun to revisit all the CDs I've bought over the years, and even listen to a few songs as I add them to my music library :)

Today we had an anti-bullying assembly at our school. I thought the students involved with putting on the assembly did a really good job. I was disappointed, however, by the response of  some of the student body. The level and amount of apathy is disturbing and saddens me. I don't remember my high school peers being like that, but it was 30 years ago...I see this as a teachable moment, an opportunity to (hopefully) open the eyes and hearts of the young adults I work with every day. The theme of the assembly was "Everyone has a story..." and that you should get to know someone before you make assumptions and judge them. I think it is a good lesson and not just for high school students :)

Ok, I'll get of my soapbox and get to purging!

1) Blues Traveler (1990) ~ self-titled I believe

2) LL Cool J ~ Phenomenon

3) Luscious Jackson ~ Fever In Fever Out

4) Lenny Kravitz ~ 5

5) Greg Buchanan ~ Peaceful Meditation

Remember...If you see something you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Had Forgotten...

how fast the days go by when I am teaching full-time! Wednesday is done and done! Two more days and I will have my first full week under my belt. It's been an adjustment, but I am getting used to my new schedule and having less time to get the same amount of stuff done. Doing CDs as purge this week has been very helpful. Not having to decide what to get rid of has eased my workload in the evening. My plan for next week is to find 25ish items on Sunday, so all I have to do is take a pic, write a little something, and post it. The thought of finding 25 items in one day is a little daunting, however.  In some respects it feels like cheating, but I really want to stay on track with project...even if it means NOT literally finding five items every day.

I am so grateful to be a morning person! Getting up at 5:00 a.m. is easy for me, and it gives me quiet time to pray and read the weekly bible lesson. I cherish that time in the morning :) It is the only time I have complete peace and quiet when my husband and daughter are home.

My first student loan is due this month. I was worried I was going to have to apply for an underemployed deferment! Fortunately, the long term sub job happened at just the right time!! I should also be able to stash quite a bit of cash to get me through the summer months. One good thing about working all the time is that I never have the time to go shopping, lol!!

Alright, let's get to tonight's CDs, so I can move onto my next chore task.

1) Heartfelt Wishes ~ A compilation of Christmas music from Coldwell-Flaskerud Realty

2) Northern Seascape ~ Jim Wilson ~ A moving musical tapestry featuring piano, uillean pipes, irish flute, guitar, and cello.

3) Fantasia ~ Pavlo ~ I saw him in concert. He plays the guitar and some unusual stringed instruments if I remember correctly. Beautiful music and a beautiful voice.

4) Fred Simon-Teja Bell and Paul McCandless ~ Twilight ~ Jazz

5) Blondie and Pat Benatar ~ Back to Back ~ 5 hits from each artist...and nothing tops disco ;)

Remember, if you see something you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship at my expense :) Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I Learned Today

Last night and tonight I participated in a Right Response Training. I will go again next Monday and Tuesday evening for the rest of training, 14 hours total. It is a requirement for all Special Education teachers. This is going to sound awful, but I was fully prepared to be bored...not because I thought I had nothing to learn. I thought the content and delivery would dry and boring. Boy was I wrong!! I love what I've learned, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn how to better interact and understand my students.

I especially love that most of what is being taught is proactive -- what to do to avoid escalation, how to build a better relationship with the student, etc. I feel this training would be valuable for Gen Ed teachers as well as Special Ed teachers.

Anyway, on to today's 5 CDs...

1) J.Lo (2001)

2) Sheryl Crow ~ Tuesday Night Music Club

3) Sugar Ray ~ Floored

4) The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber ~ The Broadway Collection

5) The Bodyguard ~ Original Soundtrack Album

Remember...If you see something you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship the item to you at my expense.

Thanks for reading my blog, supporting, and encouraging me :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Short and Sweet...or Boring. It's All In Your Perspective :)

I have five more CD's as follows:

1) Merry Christmas Disc 1 ~ The Starlite Orchestra and Choir

2) The Ultimate Christmas Album ~ Vol. 4 ~ Various Artists

3) Dr. Demento ~ Holidays in Dementia

4) City of Angels Soundtrack

5) Giving You the Best I Got ~ Anita Baker

Remember - If you see anything you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship at my expense.  Thanks for reading and tolerating my not so thrilling blog posts ;)

p.s. it's killing me to post such a short, boring blog :(

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Night!?!? How Did That Happen???

I am going to keep it super short and sweet tonight.  I have a ton of music CDs. They are sitting on top of my bookcase in the living room. It looks cluttered and messy, and it's been bugging me for forever and a day. This week my goal is to go through all the CDs, burn them onto my computer (if they're not already) and then get rid of them. I know my library will take them for their book sale, if none of you, my fabulous readers, are interested in them.

I'm sticking to my five items a day, although I may list more than five if time allows. This is my first full week of teaching, and I have two 3.5 hour trainings after school this week!  I will be busy.

From top to bottom, today's CDs are as follows:

1) Hootie and the Blowfish ~ Cracked Rear Window

2) Anita Baker ~ Rapture

3) Natalie Cole ~ Snowfall on the Sahara

4) Roxette ~ Tourism

5) Ginny Owens ~ If You Want Me To: The Best of Ginny Owens

6) David Minne ~ Pop Sarcastic

7) Aerosmith ~ Nine Lives

The CDs are all in excellent condition and play perfectly. The Aerosmith case is broken.

Remember if you see anything you can't live without, shoot me an email at Thanks!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunny Saturday :)

Today was gorgeous!! It was cold in the morning, but the afternoon was warm ( 50ish degrees) and sunny. We are dogsitting my stepson's dog, a lab/retriever mix...although I secretly think he is half wolf, half pony! He is tall and lanky. Anyway the weather was nice enough to let them run around the backyard and play ball. I noticed my Bearded Irises are starting to come up, so I raked the leaves away from them. I AM SO READY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!!!

I got quite a few things on my to-do list done, which always gives me a good feeling. As usual, though, the days was over before I was ready. I wonder if anyone ever finsihes everything on their to-do list? I might, if I didn't have at least 13 things on it every day! Oh well, I 'd rather be busy than not. Tomorrow will be a day of lesson planning since I didn't get to it today.

Last night when I was typing the blog, I was 7/8 asleep. I was sleep-typing, sleep-thinking, etc. It is a miracle my blog post was coherent!! I am starting to feel that way tonight, but at least I am not typing with my forehead...yet.

Today, I worked in my entryway. I have a low bookcase and an antique table, both of which have clutter on them. Shocking, I know, but it's fuel for my project and blog ;) Anyeay, today's purge results from working on decluttering those two spaces. There is no rhyme or reason to the items. It is truly a n=mish-mash.

1) A mosaic style glass tea light burner. I've never used it.

2) An ugly wicker basket -- I sorted the contents and now it's empty :)

3) A large silk Gerber daisy. Orange with a really long stem .

4) A porcelain wall pocket with pansies on it.

5) A  matted pansy print.

Rememeber, if you see anything you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will ship at my expense :)

Friday, February 1, 2013


I'm pretty pooped, and it was a struggle to find five more cookbooks. Honestly, by the time this year is over...I will have a steel resolve. I will be able to withstand any kind of ploy designed to entice me into spending or collecting. I am already so sick of all my crap. Purging every day keeps it in the forefront of my mind. Every time I look at the various cluttered surfaces in my home, I feel a sense of despair. I wonder if a year-long purge will be enough to take care of all the excess material possessions I own.

Don't get the wrong idea, please. I am not a hoarder. I do not have paths instead of hallways. I just have a really small house with too much stuff in it. It is so easy to justify bringing a "good deal" home and into the house. Once that happens you're sunk! The good deal becomes a treasure of immeasurable worth, and the thought of parting with it is tantamount to losing a loved one!

I so do not want to feel that way anymore. It's draining and frustrating. I feel like I've caught some awful disease and it"s incurable --

Alright, my eyelids are sinking like the Titanic and I just about fell outof my chair, so it is time to get the list down.

Five more cookbooks as described below:

1) The Five Seasons Cranberry Cookbook -- No, this is not a cookbook from a restaurant called The Five Seasons that is a step up from The Four Seasons ;) It is a BH&G cookbook with over 275 cranberry recipes.

2) Ice Cream by Mable & Gar Hoffman -- the title says it all.

3) Cooking Essentials -- A Cooking Club of America Publication

4) The Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Poultry

5) A Mayonnaise cookbook titled, "The French Have A Word For It: Mayonnaise. Catchy title I know. It was originally my mom's, andit has the recipe for my favorite Blue Cheese Dressing. It is the only recipe I use, so I just made a copy of the recipe :)

Thank God for my husband! I am pretty tech savvy, but he always saves the day when I can't figure it out :)

Remember, if you see something you can't live without...shoot me an email at and I will mail them to you at my expense. With my new job schedule, I will be shipping on Saturdays only :)

Thanks for reading and supporting my project!!