Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ooooooo Jewelry!!!

It's been a long day. No sub jobs, so I cleaned a three story house, met my BFF for lunch and our Christmas gift exchange, went with my daughter to her boyfriend's swim meet, and finally got home!

I confess I wanted to skip finding five things today, but then I would have to start my 365 day project from the beginning and I did not want to do that. So, I sucked it up, headed for the bedroom, and had an epiphany. I have a lot of jewelry...I love jewelry, not as much as rubber stamps, but probably still too much. I decided a quick and easy purge would be some earrings. I have many many pairs of dangly earrings (they're my favorite), some of which I have outgrown style-wise. I store my dangly earrings around the edge of beautifully etched antique crystal vase, so t went something like this...hey are easy to see and grab.

I don't wear yellow gold, or what pretends to be yellow gold; I am a silver or white gold kind of girl. My plan of attack went something like this...

me (to myself): If it's gold, it goes! Oh there's two pair right there. Ugh! What was I thinking when I bought those? Have I even ever worn these? They look like something a grade schooler would wear.
 Alright, now what...ah ha there's another ugly pair of goldish earrings SCORE! Three down, two to go :)But, but, but there isn't anything else on here I am willing to part with. Time to start digging in all the little jewelry dishes covering the top of my dresser...

Two seconds later I had items four, five, and six. Yes, I said six! A bonus purge point. WOO HOO!!

Now, I know you are all waiting with baited breath for the reveal of this small sampling of my amazing jewelry collection. As with all my purges, they are up for grabs. Please, no fighting though, OK? I am sure I will purge more jewelry at a later date, so all is not lost if you miss out on this fine offering!

The list:

1) A pair of brushed/burnished goldtone sunflower earrings.

2) A lovely goldtone and faux turquoise brooch circa the 60s or 70s.

3) A pair of head-turning brushed gold tear drop earrings tastefully adorned with brilliantly blinding rhinestones.

4) A pair of delicate dangly pearl earrings with a baby blue bead above the pearl. The pearl is accented with a dainty gold bezel.

5) A pair of antiqued gold diamond shaped earrings with four topaz colored stones at each point.

6) See # 4 and change blue to pink :)

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  1. OMG I LOVE that starburst faux turquoise brooch, has anyone claimed it! P.S. found you through the non consumer advocate group on facebook