Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was thinking I might be just about done with my bedroom...then I looked under my bed *sigh* I might be in my bedroom for 6 months after that little scare!

As promised, I have tackled and beaten the nightstand drawer. It was quite the trip down memory lane. I got sidetracked looking at pictures of my kids and reading a story and poems I wrote for a creative writing class when I was at Lower Columbia College. I did find stuff to get rid of, and what I did keep got put where it belongs!

I love looking at pictures, even if they remind of less-than-happy times. Pictures are evidence that I've lived, had memorable experiences,changed, and grown. Pictures are the one thing I will never purge. I used to do estate sales for a living, and I always felt sad when families didn't want to keep the pictures and told us to sell them or throw them away. I have very few pictures from my childhood, and I have huge gaps in memories of my childhood. Pictures might create a connection that I cannot make on my own. I have no living relatives to fill in the blanks, so the pictures I do have are precious to me. Maybe that's why I take so many pictures now?

Alright, enough of my rambling :) The nightstand did not yield amazing treasures, at least not general public type treasures. What it did do was confirm that I am a packrat who saves odd things for unknown reasons!

Hold onto your hats and try to stay awake through the snooze fest coming up:

1) A pile of assorted papers. These will be recycled.

2) A pattern for a wall hanging (I think). The finished dimensions are 14" x 16". It is pansy themed. It has never been opened. It is up for grabs, and if no one takes it I will give to my quilting friend :)

3) Another pair of my old glasses. I will give these to the Kiwanas.

4) Three nylon jewelry bags. I will give these to my jewelry making friend :)

5) A nasty Lip Smackers lip gloss and some keys to who knows what. The lip gloss will go into the garbage. I am not sure if the keys can be recycled, but I will probably put them in the recycle bin anyway.

Remember...if you see something you want, just shoot me an email at! I will gladly ship it you free of charge, unless you live in Australia and the item weighs 13 pounds :)

Thanks for reading!!

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