Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is it Friday yet...the closet gig is getting difficult!

Okay, so I committed to purging five items a day from my closet this week...what the heck was I thinking? I may have to "plant" some items in my closet for tomorrow because I don't think I can choose five more things from what's currently in there that I am willing to part with. Today's purge was difficult because I am to the point of purging things I rarely wear, but really like. If I really like them, why aren't I wearing them more? Good question! Unfortunately I don't have a viable answer.

So today's textile offering consists of the following:

1) a navy blue cardigan with grey pearl beading around the collar. Very cute, but I haven't worn it in over a year. On a scale of one to five. One being easy to get rid of and five being comparable to something awful, purging this item was a two.

2) A blue patterned shirt with a collar, nice material, good fit. Stylish, but I don't wear it often, and it didn't stress me out (too much) to pull it from the hanger and add it to the pile. On my scale it was a two.

3) A red long-sleeved crew neck sweater with subtle sparkles bought at JCP when I was freezing to death and thought I needed more sweaters. I haven't worn it since last winter, and it is schlumpy and forgettable. It was a two on the scale, only because I am freezing to death and think I need to keep all my sweaters :/

4) A long-sleeved floaty purple sweater. I bought it forever ago and wore it like crazy for a couple of years. I still wear it, but I don't get the same warm fuzzy feeling when I put it on now as I did two years ago. The honeymoon is over, although I felt a twinge of angst as I cast it onto the purge pile. It was kind of like dumping a boyfriend. I hate hurting people (and sweaters). It was probably a four on my scale.

5) A long-sleeved grey sweater with a ruffled collar and edges. Bought it at Macy's last year, after Christmas when it was deeply discounted. I wore it quite a bit last winter and got lots of compliments on it, but the new sweater sparkle wore off pretty quickly. I haven't worn it at all this year, and when it looks at me eagerly as I thumb through my closet, I avert my eyes and pretend to not see it. It is time to put it out of it's misery. It was four on the scale.

Tomorrow's purge might be worse than  waking up and discovering I don't have any coffee beans to grind...Let's hope not!

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