Monday, January 7, 2013

Meanwhile, Back in the Bedroom

I decided to return to my bedroom and tackle a growing pile of  clothes that do not hang in the closet, fit in my two dresser drawers, or the cubby above the heater. I know it's a big leap, but his made me wonder how many pieces of clothing I actually own. So, I counted what's hanging in my closet...54 articles of clothing in my closet! Is that a lot? I really have no idea..To me, it seems a reasonable amount. I have friends who have much more clothing than I do, but that doesn't mean I don't have too much!

The clothes in the pile are "different" from the closet dwelling clothes. They are my casual, not teaching, not doing anything important enough to warrant looking remotely stylish clothes. Also, since I am currently subbing, I don't always work. It is a very day-to-day thing. To supplement my sporadic teaching income, I clean houses, two to be exact. Obviously, if I am cleaning house I do not wear slacks, heels, and a cardigan; I wear jeans I've had for a gazillion years, a random t-shirt, and non-skid socks. My everyday shoes are Romeos, and my coat is a quilted flannel shirt ( a hand me down). This is the pile I am attempting to pare down. It's not easy because I have a phobia of not having enough long-sleeved shirts during the long cold, wet season in Washington State. Anyway, that was a whole lot of babble to get to today's purge list.

From the stack-o-casual clothes, the following items have been forever banished:

1) A long-sleeved black and white New Balance workout shirt. Another hand-me-down that is too small ,but I love workout clothes so I kept it...lame.

2) A red long-sleeved scoop neck knit shirt. It's comfortable and I love the color, but it's getting a little short from repeated washings and dryings. Also, it has a spot (grease, I think) right below the chest area. I should know better than to buy cheap knit shirts -- they do not wear well!

3) A light blue long-sleeved crew neck knit shirt with a lovely snowflake emblazoned on the center of the chest. Seriously, I love this shirt!  It was a hand-me-down, but alas it is too short.

4) A blue long-sleeved scoop neck knit shirt -- a relative of the red shirt in # 3. Yeah, I am one of those people who when they find a shirt they like and they are $8 each or three for $20, will buy three to save $4.  It is also too short, so it's time for it to bless the body of someone who is not long-waisted.

5) A navy blue knit summer nightie with wide satin straps tied in bows at the shoulder. A super cute hand-me-down I will never wear because I don't wear nighties. I wear flannel pajama pants and thermal underwear shirts. I want to be warm, not cute and/or sexy, lol!!

Anyway that's it for today's purge. I am happy to say I had two takers for the crochet hooks, and the wicker basket was adopted by a fellow project lifer and scrapper :)

I am not going to post pictures of today's treasure because, frankly, it's boring treasure. I'll save the picutres for truly fascinating and amazing finds :)

Good night and thanks for reading!!


  1. I'm the same way about long sleeve only mine are fleece. Do you think it's a Washington thing?

    1. It might be. I've been here long enough to be considered a native and I love Washington, but I do not like the cold or the wet!