Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Many Crochet Hooks Does it Take to...

Happy Saturday!!

Today's purge is a conglomeration of randomness. Last Sunday at church, I told my friend and quilter I had a box of fabric for her. I have been holding on to this fabric for almost an eternity because it has pansies on it. Every single piece of fabric has pansies on it some way some how. Pansies are my absolute favorite flower, and I went through a phase where I collected anything and everything with pansies on it. I love to sew, and I dabbled in quilting for a bit, but I do not have the space to set up a sewing machine. My friend has a sewing room, so she seemed the appropriate recipient.

I am a teacher, substituting for now and school resumes Monday. I have been wearing the same pair of pumps for 5+ years, and over a year ago, the little sole piece came off of one heel. Not only were my pumps no longer the same height, one heel was slippery as heck on tile floors! An embarrassing catastrophe waiting to happen. For Christmas I received a $40 Macy's gift card, so today I went to Macy's and found a new pair of lovely black pumps...and I even had money left over!

So today's offering to the gods of purge are:

1) A box of pansy themed fabric donated to my friend who is a quilter

2) My 5+ year old pumps are going in the garbage. I loved them, and if they weren't a hazard to my safety I would wear them until they were flats.

3) In the said box of fabric I found two hand-embroidered pillowcases, with hand crocheted edging. I will post a pic, and if anyone wants them I will gladly mail them to you :) One pillowcase is perfect, and one has some tiny spots and a little damage to the edging. If no one wants them, they will go to The Red Hat!

4) I crochet, and I have a plethora of crochet hooks. I didn't count them, but I am guessing at least 50. Who needs 50 crochet hooks? Not this lady :) So I sorted through them and kept two of each size D through K, and a few random larger sizes. Again, if any of you need/want crochet hooks, let me know. I will happily send them on to a good home, otherwise they, too, will go to The Red Hat.

5) The last item(s) to fall under my purging eye are a pair of candles shaped like lemon halves. They are cute, but I'll never burn them and I don't need them laying around gathering dust.

I find it is easier to select five items if I have a specific area or plan, like the closet. I better start thinking of tomorrow's purge because currently I have no idea what to do...maybe a bowl of Espresso Madness ice cream will help the thinking process :)

Here are pictures of all the crochet hooks, the hooks I am keeping, and the leftovers I am giving away. Also, a picture of the pillowcases :)


  1. Oh I would love any crochet hooks you are giving away!! especially any plastic ones as i understand you can take those on a plane and i haven't been able to find any!

    1. Hi, Cindy! I did have a few plastic hooks, but I am sorry to say all the hooks were snatched up within a day of this post :( If I come across any more I will let you know! And, yes, I would gladly ship to California. I shipped several to Maryland earlier this week :) Thanks for reading; I appreciate the interest and support :)