Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brought to by the letter K

Sundays are my favorite day. I go to church and then spend the rest of the day getting ready for the week ahead. Some of you may be wondering if I am being sarcastic...I assure you, I am not. I love all the small tasks involved in being a wife and mother. Dishes, laundry, food prep...I love it all. Being organized and prepared for the upcoming week is a huge stress relief. It drives me crazy when I feel like I am playing catch up all week, so I avoid that scenario at all costs :)

Today's purge is brought to by the letter K, which signifies (in this instance) kitchen. My counters were getting cluttered, and there were two specific areas that had to be dealt with! My five-a-day mindset shoved me into the kitchen and said, "DO IT!!"  Not one to argue with the voices in my head, I immediately obeyed and headed into the kitchen.

The five items -- actually 6 but two are similar, so I am counting them as 1 -- brought to you by the letter K are:

1) A very quite white enamel colander with the Classic Pooh theme! It was always a catch-all, shoved in the corner and filled with whatever I was too lazy to put away or didn't have a specific home

2) Two metal slotted spoons. I love the big round one, and the handle says Shanghai 555 China. I rarely use it because it is so big, so it is time to grace someone else's kitchen!

3) I collect pansy stuff -- I think I may have mentioned it in my last blog post. This is a lovely ceramic pansy themed tea cup with a strainer (inside) and a lid to keep your tea warm, I love it, but it is not big enough. I drink copious amounts of hot beverages, and I drink them out of vats with handles ;)

4) A pair of readers in a metal case. You'll never guess where I found these...give up? Yes, in the bottom of the Winnie-the-Pooh colander. See what I mean about it being a catch-all, and, what's even worse is I don't even wear readers! I have bifocals that I wear all the time.

5) A white wicker basket -- this wasn't actually in my kitchen, but it was headed to the dead zone (the garage). So I decided if it wasn't good enough to stay in the house, it should just go straight to The Red Hat. I bet they will be really tired of me by the end of the year ;)

As always, I have posted pics of my "treasures" If you see anything you like, let me know! I will gladly send it your way :)

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