Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 Days Down...363 To Go...

I will be glad when I am done purging my closet!! This has not been easy, and I am discouraged that 10 pieces of clothing hasn't made a bigger difference in closet space. Maybe my expectations are too high? I will commit to two more days of closet purging for a total of 20 items donated to my local thrift store. Hopefully after 20 items there will be a noticeable change in closet space.

Today's offering is as follows:

1) a pair of black Lucy shorts that are too small, but I kept them because they were "Lucy" :(
2) A long-sleeved white scoop-necked shirt...I don't wear white, but I kept it because a friend handed
    it down to me...
3) A purple and black floral print sweater, also a hand-me-down. However, I wore this frequently. It
    it getting a little worn, and I have newer sweaters that I wear more often. So, off to the thrift store!
4) A long flowy hippie style tie-dye shirt with smocking across the chest. I promise it is much cuter
    than it sounds. I like it, I just never wear it anymore because my style has changed.
5) A blue sweater I bought on 12/31/12 at the local thrift stores $1 sale. It is beautiful, but alas, it is
    too short for my long-waisted torso. I may be slender, but at 46 years of age, I refuse to wear
    anything that flashes my midriff ;)
6) Surprise! I actually purges six items this time...maybe I should put it back and save it for
    tomorrow's purge? Nah!! I'll consider it a bonus point or something like that. Anyway, it is a blush
    colored draped neck sleeveless shell -- a classic piece, but I haven't worn it in over a year, so it
    is banished from my closet.

I will be taking a trip to the thrift store today instead of Friday. My daughter cleaned out some of her excess clothing, so I now have two full bags sitting in my entryway. I have other errands to run today, so I will drop them off while I am out and about :) Yay for multiple errands and single trips :)

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