Thursday, January 24, 2013

On My Knees in the Bathroom...

Did you like the suggestive title? Did you think I was praying to the porcelain god? Well, that's what I was hoping for...

Thankfully, I was not sick, only cleaning off a shelf under the counter :) A rather dusty, dog hair rich shelf -- yuck! I learned something from that shelf and its contents, something that brought joy to my heart.  Are you ready for my most recent epiphany? It only took me five minutes to go through the contents on the shelf, throw away a bunch of containers with 1/2 tsp. of whatever in them, find six things worthy of donating, wipe it down, and return the few items I kept. That five minutes is proof that good things come in small packages, that small steps make a big impact, that five minutes is enough time to accomplish something significant. And the bonus? That shelf no longer looks cluttered, and I can easily find what I need now :)

Honestly, there are some days I do not feel like looking for five things to purge, and when I am purging I get mad! Mad that I have accumulated so much crap that it is easy to find five things I no longer want or need. Every purge solidifies my resolve to not buy anything I don't need because I don't want to have to purge it a week, month, year down the road. I went to Michaels yesterday - I had a gift card with a little bit of money on it, and I wanted to see if they had any Valentine washi tape. I spent less than $20, which is a huge accomplishment for me, and I said no to myself more than I said yes. I can easily justify craft supplies, so again, this was a huge step forward to me :)

Progress is progress, and a quote that I kept close to my heart during my student teaching last year is, "No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch". I think this applies to more than running. It applies to any effort you make to bring about a positive change in your life.

Okay, on to today's less than exciting purge items :)

1) An almost full container of Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Body Butter. I do not like the way it feels on my skin.

2) An almost full 4 oz. bottle of their Sweet Pea lotion. It was a gift and the scent is too sweet for me.

3) A wooden grooved cylinder for back rubs. I love a good back rub, but I prefer my sweetie's warm hands :)

4) A plastic knobby thing that I believe is another type of massager. Never used it, never gonna use it.

5) An inflatable bath pillow. I haven't soaked in the tub in a couple of years. I don't know why, but baths lost their appeal a few years ago.

6) A never been used loofah mitt. I prefer the mesh poofs :)

Remember -- If you see something, anything you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship it to you free of charge :)

Thanks for reading, and thank you for all the congratulatory comments on yesterday's blog post. I am so excited for this opportunity!!! See you tomorrow, friends :)

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