Friday, January 4, 2013


First, I'd like to say thank you to all the wonderful ladies from The Non-Consumer Advocate Facebook Group who took the time to read my blog, gave me feedback, and are following me! It gave me warm fuzzies and it's one more reason this group is my favorite!

Okay! So today is the last day of the closet purge, at least for a few weeks or months. I was stressed last night trying to figure out five more things I could part with even a little willingly. Then, this morning, it came to me...I have shoes in my closet!!! Saved by my modest shoe collection, sort of. I went through my shoes a few months ago, and had forgotten about it until I dove into the bottom of closet and saw far fewer shoes than I expected.

Not to be deterred, I quickly grabbed a pair of dressy pumps I bought at Fred Meyer for $5 at least 5 years ago. For half a second, I considered counting each shoe individually, but I knew in my heart it was a cop out that would fill me with shame by bedtime! Long story short, I found five items to purge from my closet!

So here they are in no particular order:

1) $5 dressy pumps -- Can't remember the last time I wore them, so it's time for them to grace someone else's feet :)

2) Ugly memory foam slippers that are the wrong size...there is a story behind these. My daughter works at a liquidation store, and she is always on the lookout for things she knows I want/need. She told me they had slippers...what they had was a box set of two pair (one large, one extra large). The box had one slipper displayed so that you could touch it (and it was the large slipper). They felt good, the color was good, and the price was great (4.99 plus my daughter's 20% discount). I triumphantly placed the slippers under my arm and headed for the register. After getting home, I couldn't wait to try out my new slippers. I eagerly tore into the box to get the second large slipper...and there wasn't one :(  So being the make-do kind of person I am, I decided to shuffle around in the XL slippers. Yeah, that didn't work so into the closet they went, until today!

3) A pair of black loafers. I LOVED these shoes. I wore them out, and rather than throw them away I decided I could wear them when it wasn't raining (there is a giant crack in the bottom of one shoe, which lets in copious amounts of wetness...not a good thing in the winter in Washington State!)

4) A light blue long-sleeved scoop neck knit shirt from H&M. I love the shirt, the color, the feel, but I think it is too clingy for a middle-aged woman.

5) A blue short sleeved cotton knit shirt. It was a hand me down I received in the fall. I tried it on but never wore it. I am not attached to it, so away it goes.

Here is a picture of today's purge :)

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  1. Ok now I'm over here from FB. You are funny! Loved your first idea of counting the shoes individually!