Wednesday, January 16, 2013

32 minus 12 equals 20

I have survived the Apantylypse (panty apocalypse for those readers who can't make the linguistic leap and/or decipher my made up words). I know in an earlier post I did the math and came up with  the number 10 as a sufficient number of panties to have in the drawer. I LIED!!! After much self-torture, I was only able to purge 12 of my 32 pair. Logic reared his ugly head and screamed, "If you keep all 32 pair, you would not have to wash your underwear for a month and you'd still have a spare pair!" I laughed in the face of logic, brazenly grabbed the purge-worthy panties, and bolted to my laptop. I'm pretty sure I can logic crying like a baby as I type this blog post.

Anyway, it's late, and I have a job interview tomorrow for a long term sub job, so I am going to wrap this post up! Obviously the panties are up for grabs, but I am posting a picture so you know I am being truthful. I'd include Logic in the picture, but he doesn't look so great after the tearfest!

And...I am not going to divide the 12 pair into 5 separate "Items" for tonight's purge. And, to protect the innocent panties from public ridicule, I've edited the photo with the "pencil sketch" effect.

See you tomorrow :)

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