Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday

What. A. Day! I had an interview, which I feel went very well. Then I worked three hours cleaning house, went to a swim meet, helped my daughter whip out a fleece blanket for her boyfriend, and finally got to head to the bedroom to look for purging stuff. OH! On top of all that, the credit union by my house got robbed and my neighborhood was crawling with cops and K-9 units. Now, at 9:32 p.m. there are still police walking around and looking for whatever. I have to admit I am a little creeped out wondering if there is a bank robber hiding out somewhere in my neighborhood!

Tonight I decided to work on my nightstand. It has a pretty large cupboard in the bottom, which, I of course, had crammed all sorts of very important and valuable stuff into...A little background, I am a writer, and I love notebooks, journals, paper, and pens. Oh, how I love pens! Someday I will post a picture of my pen collection (that I will NEVER purge!!!) Anyway, the cupboard part of the nightstand was full of random journals and notebooks and some church periodicals.

Because it's late, and my purge is boring, I am not going to post a picture tonight. I will, however, tell you what I am purging and my plans for the loot.

1) 9 college ruled spiral notebooks BRAND NEW in assorted colors. I can get these on sale for .10 right before school starts, so if I need some I will buy them then. These lucky 9 are going to a local school! As a teacher, I know there are always kids who need school supplies.

2) 39, yes 39, church bible lesson booklets. I kept them because I am a reader at my church and would refer to them if I needed inspiration for a reading. After 4+ years of reading, I am very comfortable just using a concordance to research a theme or topic I am interested in presenting at church. These will go into the recycle bin.

3) A tiny brown leather wallet with some plaid accent material. I've never used it, never going to use it, so it is going to a better home! This will go into The Red Hat bag.

4)  An outdated CPR Handbook. It is going into the recycle bin.

5) An empty check box. Usually I put my old check registers and carbons in them. This box, for whatever reason is empty, so it will be recycled.

I am so glad I am doing this project. Some days the purge feels like a cleansing. Today is one of those days. Why do I keep empty boxes and outdated CPR Handbooks? Who knows? I sure don't, but when I find the stuff and get rid of it, I know I am one step closer to a less cluttered house and a more peaceful state of mind.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I will come across some better stuff to purge soon :) See you tomorrow!

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