Monday, January 14, 2013

Mundane Monday

I'm ignoring my underwear drawer...indefinitely. So many pairs of underwear should not overwhelm a person, but I get it...NOT! I can only wear one pair at a time, there are only 7days in a week, I do laundry weekly, so 10 pair covers the week and stills give 3 pair for emergencies or whatever. Tomorrow I will vanquish the panty fortress!!

Today, however, I chipped away at that gosh darn pile on the floor in the corner. It's getting smaller, but it's still there, which means it's not small enough. My husband, seeing my diligence at purging, has suggested he might move his shorts out of the bottom drawer so I can have it :) And he also said he wishes I would have started in the garage. HA! I told him I would tackle the garage this summer, when it's not 25 degrees out!!

I mailed out a bunch of requests this morning, which was a good feeling. People keep offering to reimburse me for shipping, but I would rather you pay it forward however you see fit!

It's late, I am starting to run out of energy, and there are still dishes in the sink, so I think it is time to reveal today's NON-treasures. Trust me when I say there is nothing in today's five that you will want.

Drumroll please...

1). A short sleeved purple t-shirt from a 10K run I did a few years ago. I wear it but I have others, and because it was part of the floor clothes family, it is getting kicked out.

2) A short-sleeved pink t-shirt with paint stains on it. It is a house cleaning shirt, I have others that are longer, and it, too, was part of the floor clothes family, so its outta here too!

3) A short sleeved shirt my 22 year old son made when he was in head start in 1995. It has his name, hand print, the names of all his classmates, and the year he would have graduated on it. This was a hard decision because I hold onto things with sentimental value. My justification? I doubt he will ever know its gone. He lives in Alaska now. He didn't graduate from high school (he got his GED a couple years later). Mostly because I can't save everything for ever!

4) A 12 month short-sleeved onesie. It no longer fits my grandson, and I have a close friend who is expecting her first boy next month who will appreciate it.

5) A pair of Hudson jeans (29" waist). I bought these at a garage sale because I am a label whore, albeit a frugal one ;) I got them cheap because they have a rig right along the pocket seam. I can sew, and I had grand plans to fix them...I have never fixed them, which means the statute of limitations has run out and they need to be released into the public.

If I don't get a sub job tomorrow, I will be taking last week's purge to the thrift store, so my purge bag can be ready for refilling.

Hopefully tomorrow's purge will be less boring, but I am not making any promises! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you tomorrow :)

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