Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I Learned Today

Last night and tonight I participated in a Right Response Training. I will go again next Monday and Tuesday evening for the rest of training, 14 hours total. It is a requirement for all Special Education teachers. This is going to sound awful, but I was fully prepared to be bored...not because I thought I had nothing to learn. I thought the content and delivery would dry and boring. Boy was I wrong!! I love what I've learned, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn how to better interact and understand my students.

I especially love that most of what is being taught is proactive -- what to do to avoid escalation, how to build a better relationship with the student, etc. I feel this training would be valuable for Gen Ed teachers as well as Special Ed teachers.

Anyway, on to today's 5 CDs...

1) J.Lo (2001)

2) Sheryl Crow ~ Tuesday Night Music Club

3) Sugar Ray ~ Floored

4) The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber ~ The Broadway Collection

5) The Bodyguard ~ Original Soundtrack Album

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  1. It's always a pleasant surprise to enjoy training when our preconceived ideas would have us believe otherwise. I'm guilty of this. Still loving your blog.