Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sunday Blues

Sunday is my very favorite day of the week because I love going to church. I love the spiritual renewal I am blessed with, and it gives me food for thought for the upcoming week. I am not going to start proselytizing or anything like that, but God, my faith, and my church are the foundation of my daily life.

So why is the title of today's post "Sunday Blues"? Because the weekend never seems long enough to accomplish everything I want/need to do; because I love being with my family and the weekend is the only time we have reasonably large blocks of free time together; because it means I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. for the next four days ;)  I promise I'm not whining! At least I hope that's not how it comes across. It's just that as I get older I value experiences and time well spent, which seem to happen on the weekends :)

Ok, on to tonight's musical offering ;)

1) Teenage Dream ~ Katy Perry

2) Ray of Light ~ Madonna

3) Crazy Love ~ Michael Buble

4) Wingspan: Hits and History ~ Paul McCartney and Wings ( 2 CD set)

5) Pure Moods

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  1. Where are your updates? You are missed!

    1. Thank you Shar,for the sweet comment! I was feeling pretty down about not posting this week :( Knowing I was missed brought a smile to my face :) I had a crazy busy week! I have continued purging, and will post an update sometime today.