Saturday, February 9, 2013

Trying To Do It All...

I get stressed when I can see all the things that need to be done, but there are so many of them I don't know where to start!

I am obsessively organized. I know exactly where I have to be and when I have to be there. I make lists. I have two planners. I have a routine for weeknights. Actually I have a routine for weekends too. For me a routine is a concrete way of being in control. I do not like feeling out of control. I have some ideas of where that comes from, but I'll leave it for another blog post on a different day. If my routine is upset, it derails me momentarily. I can recoup, but I will still feel "off" for the rest of that day, sometimes longer, depending on how serious the derailment.

I don't think I was always this way, but I couldn't tell you when I changed either. This blog is very important to me -- it signifies a commitment I made to myself and to an idea. Would letting the blog go lessen my daily load? Probably somewhat, but I would also feel like I let myself down. I would kick myself for not working harder to manage my time. There are so many little things that suck precious time from the day -- social media and TV are two that come to mind. I do not watch much TV. I love Jeopardy, and if I am not behind on getting stuff done, I will sit down and watch it. I am on Facebook, but since getting this job I rarely log on.

Sometimes giving something up shows you just how much of a leech it was -- Facebook is a prime example of this. I do not plan to give up the blog, but I do plan to adjust how I look for things to purge. I don't have huge blocks of time to spend looking through things, so I am switching to a grab and go strategy. Thinking less about the item will probably help me purge more things. Given time to think about a certain thing sometimes causes me to put it back and think, "Oh, I can't decide, I'm not sure, I'll put it back until I am sure..." This is not a productive mindset!

The CDs have really saved me this week, and they'll probably keep me going through the middle of next week. I am looking forward to moving onto something else and reclaiming the top of my bookcases!

What's very interesting to me, and eye-opening, is that I do not remember buying most of these CDs. Also, most of them are not on my laptop. So, that tells me I bought them and just stuck them on the top of the bookcase. Why? Who knows! Again, I am reminded to be thoughtful when making purchases, even if the item is secondhand. Do I need it? Where will I put it? Why do I want it? What's its purpose in my life and house?

Ok, onto the music :)

1) Something to Remember ~ Madonna

2) Bringing Down the Horse ~ The Wallflowers

3) Your Little Secret ~ Melissa Ethridge

4) 15 ~ Buckcherry (parental advisory/explicit content)

5) The Beatles Anthology 1 (2 CD set)

I am experiencing technical difficulties in getting pictures from my phone to my computer :( So no pics until I get my tech savvy hubby to fix it :) 

Remember...If you see something you can't live without, please email me at I will gladly ship at my expense.  Keep in mind with my new job that it may take a week or two :)

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