Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have a lot of Music...

As I've been going through these CDs, I've been burning them onto my hard drive. I am a little surprised; I thought I already had most of these burned onto my computer already. It's been fun to revisit all the CDs I've bought over the years, and even listen to a few songs as I add them to my music library :)

Today we had an anti-bullying assembly at our school. I thought the students involved with putting on the assembly did a really good job. I was disappointed, however, by the response of  some of the student body. The level and amount of apathy is disturbing and saddens me. I don't remember my high school peers being like that, but it was 30 years ago...I see this as a teachable moment, an opportunity to (hopefully) open the eyes and hearts of the young adults I work with every day. The theme of the assembly was "Everyone has a story..." and that you should get to know someone before you make assumptions and judge them. I think it is a good lesson and not just for high school students :)

Ok, I'll get of my soapbox and get to purging!

1) Blues Traveler (1990) ~ self-titled I believe

2) LL Cool J ~ Phenomenon

3) Luscious Jackson ~ Fever In Fever Out

4) Lenny Kravitz ~ 5

5) Greg Buchanan ~ Peaceful Meditation

Remember...If you see something you can't live without, shoot me an email at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

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