Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!! apology!

I am sorry for my lack of posts this past week and for not giving you advance notice of my temporary desertion.  Getting used to my new schedule, needing to spend a lot of my time prepping lessons for my students, and attending a mandatory training for Special Education teachers took every minute of time and every ounce of energy I possessed! I am grateful for the training and what I learned, but I am glad I will be getting home before 7:30 p.m. this next week! Another blessing is the four day weekend I am halfway through :)

I had some "firsts" this week as first formal observation by the assistant principal and my first faculty meeting (and formal introduction to the rest of the school's teachers). My school's administration is awesome! They have been so supportive of me and my transition into this teaching position. I couldn't ask for better support!

In order to minimize the likelihood of a mental breakdown as a result of trying to do everything...I am going to change my blogging process. I am still going to purge 5 things a day, but I am only going to post once or twice a week. This will most likely happen on the weekends, when I have more free time...or at least the illusion of more free time ;) I will not be posting pictures as often either. I will still list the items I've purged, and I will send them to readers who request them.

Another change I am going to "try" is selling some of the stuff I am purging instead of just giving it away. The only things I won't try to sell are the items I receive from the lady I clean for. I don't think profitting from her generosity would be the right thing to do.

Today's list is really long, but because it is mostly CDs, it's kind of important to list them out! With this blog post, I should be up-to-date on documenting my purges from Monday the 11th through Saturday the 16th.

1) Peter Frampton ~ Frampton Comes Alive II ( 2 CD set)
2) AC/DC ~ Black Ice
3) Vivaldi ~ The Four Seasons
4) Andrew Lloyd Weber's Evita
5) Joss Stone ~ Mind, Body, Soul
6) The Essential Simon & Garfunkel  ( 2 CD set)
7) Hinder ~ Extreme Behavior
8) Modest Mouse ~ Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks
9) Counting Crows ~ Films About Ghosts The Best Of...
10) Counting Crows ~ This Desert Life
11) Counting Crows ~ August and Everything After
12) Counting Crows ~ Hard Candy
13) Lit ~ A Place in the Sun
14) Mariah Carey ~ Daydream
15) Disturbed ~ Ten Thousand Fists
16) The White Stripes ~ Icky Thump
17) The White Stripes ~ Elephant
18) The White Stripes ~ Get Behind Me Satan
19) Kenny G ~ Breathless
20) Theory of A Deadman ~ Gasoline
21) Dropkick Murphys ~ The Warrior's Code
22) Weezer ~ Maladroit
23) Nature's Creations ~ Relaxing Waters
24) Ray Lynch ~ Deep Breakfast
25) Raining Jane ~ Wyoming Sky and Windows ( 2 songs only)

And that's it for CDs!!!!! but wait there's's purge consists of:

1) a set of 12 Classic Winnie the Pooh self-adhesive bookplates ( I'll give these to my BFF because she loves classic pooh)
2) a random placemat I found while I was cleaning a cupboard
3) a tealight holder -- very pretty, but I have no place for it
4) a burned copy of the Bhagavad Gita ( 700 verse Hindu Scripture)
5) a stack of "Foodday" sections from The Oregonian ( I love to save recipes and never do anything with them...)

Ok, that's 30 items or six days worth of purges. I may post tomorrow because I am just obsessive enough to want my "blog week" to start on Monday *sigh*

If you see something(s) you can't live without, email me at I will gladly ship at my expense :)

Thanks for your patience, support, and comments :) They warm my heart!!


  1. Penny, if I can call you that, you have helped me forge forward. I have had to clean out my childhood room. After many bags of garbage, recycling and stuff for the Sally Ann I am left with one very small box of mementos, pictures, transcripts and a travel diary. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off me. I still have another afternoon to finish it but I feel envigorated now. I have the bug to reduce, reuse and recycle again in my own home.

    1. Congratulations Vivian!! I know how hard it is to be objective when sorting through childhood memories and mementos. There have been more than a few times I had to step away from certain items until I could process my feelings about them. I'm glad the experience has rekindled your desire to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

  2. Welcome back! I certainly did miss your posts last week....but definitely understand. Glad to hear that the new job is going well. Getting into a new work routine can be stressful and tiring at the very least. Just wanted to let you know that "while you were gone" I started my own five-a-day process...on Ash Wednesday (40 days of Lent = 200 items...not nearly enough to get my home where I want it to be, but not so many that it feels impossible or overwhelming). So far, there is a box of books started to go to the library & a bag of shoes started for a local thrift store. I plan to drop off items at least once a week. So far, this is a very liberating experience, not to mention a very interesting one as I come across "stuff" I'd forgotten I had. Just see what you've started! :)

    1. Thanks, Mary! Although I am not Catholic, I have observed Lent in previous years. The last time I observed Lent, I gave up Facebook for 40 days :) I bet by the time Lent is over, you will have found your groove and will continue to purge :) I, too always find stuff I had forgotten about and then I wonder why on earth I kept it! I will gladly take credit for a decluttering revolution :)

  3. Keep up the good work. We will be waiting for you when things are not so hectic.