Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Color Run and Shakespeare

I am happy to say I ran 99% of The Color Run today, and I had a fantastic time :) I take the worst selfies on the planet, but I am trying to be less critical of myself so I am going to post it! I especially love my blue moustache; it really gives me character.

Alright, moving right along...let's get to the books! I decided to focus on a shelf at a time, and since I was working on the bottom shelf yesterday I went back to it today. It could easily be called the Shakespeare shelf. Being an English teacher, I love the Bard and I love books about him, compilations of his insults, his female characters, etc. They're great books, but I haven't looked at them since I was an undergrad approximately three years ago.

So here are tonight's titles in no particular order:

1) Uppity Women of Shakespearean Times by Vicki Leon
2) Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit by Ottchen and Hill
3) Shakespeare's Middle Tragedies: A Collection of Critical Essays edited by David Young
4) Naughty Shakespeare by Michael Macrone
5) The Complete Dictionary of Shakespeare Quotations compiled by D.C. Browning

I also found five Shakespeare books that belong to my best friend. I will bag them up and return them ASAP :)

Thanks for checking in tonight, and I'll see you tomorrow :)


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